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Frozen/Slush Drink Machine - 2 product

  • 2 people are required to lift & move the machine
  • Machine must be moved in the black shipping box.
  • Machine should be tied down during transport to prevent tipping or rolling
  • To OPEN turn locking handles on the side of black box
  • Carfully lift off top of box (1- person on front and 1- person on back) NOTE: lift rear of box top first and try to keep a slight angle twords the front. This helps to keep the handles from getting knocked off machine, set top to the side
  • Lift machine off base and move to serving location (caution edges are sharp)
  • Place machine on table or counter that can support 180lb of weight
  • Set lids into place & plug cord in to electrical jack near the rear of bowls
  • Push drip tray into place on 2 front slots and place cup cover on
  • DO NOT PLUG IN OUTLET UNTILL you are ready to start. (see set-up area info)
  • Store all shipping material for return

    Set-Up Area

  • Place machine on table or counter that can support 180lb of weight
  • Machine needs a minumum of 6" clearance on all sides for compressor ventalation
  • Electrical requirements 1-15amp outlet/ NOT SHARED by other devices. Draw will be 10amps
  • Plug Machine into an outlet and the led screen will show "Mario's Catering, OFF & OFF" this is the idol mode or it will not be lighted this is the off mode. If the screen reads CHILL, ON, ICE, or any other message press control buttons until they display OFF on both sides
  • If used outdoors place unit in shaded area

    Mix & Operation Information

  • If Mario's supplies mix follow instruction information sheet provided for each item
  • We only guarantee proper machine operation with drink mixes provided by Mario's
  • If using your mix follow these general rules below

  • Pour liquid or granulated mix into white 5-gal mixing bucket
  • If granual mix is used disolve as much as possible before adding to machine
  • Mix well then pour into one of the clear bowls on machine
  • NEVER ADD ICE TO MACHINE (this would break the augers)
  • NEVER press the ULTRA/GOURMET/ICE buttons these will change pre-set control settings
  • Turn ON/OFF to =ON, if screen is not already active showing the "Mario's Catering OFF & OFF display. Set Ice Control to =ICE, Auger to =ON and wait 40min
  • Then add any liquor if desired and mix for 5 minutes
  • Taste mixture and add more liquor or water to your desired taste
  • You may pre-mix product & store in the refrigerator this will speed chilling time by 15 minutes
  • Continue to add mix to machine as you use the product, keep mix level higher that augers to keep air from being mixed into product
  • If mix is too icy you may toggle Ice Control to =CHILL and back to =ICE as needed
  • If you are at the end of use and product drops below augers turn Ice Control to =CHILL this will prevent air and large ice formations until you have used all the product
  • When bowl is empty turn Ice Control to =OFF and Auger to = OFF
  • To end use turn ON/OFF to =OFF
  • Each bowl of the machine has seperate controls be sure each side is set for the correct condition
  • To fill 1 side of the unit use 2-1/2 gal of product

    Cleaning Information

  • Empty all mix from bowl
  • Store unused mix in referigerator if used again or dump in the sink
  • Flush out with mild soapy water & drain then use warm rinse water & drain

    Multiple Day Use

  • THE PREFERED METHOD / is to follow the cleaning instructions and repeat the operation instructions OR you can put the machine in stand by mode by setting the Auger to =ON, Ice Control to =CHILL and leave the ON/OFF to =ON. On the following day turn Ice Control to =ICE and return to normal operation
  • Mix level must cover the Auger to leave machine in this stand by mode
  • Each bowl of the machine has seperate controls be sure each side is set for the correct condition

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