Sarai Susanne Stuart, PhD ND
Naturopath Doctor
Holistic Nutritionist
Colon HydroTherapist
Intuitive Health scan
MyoFascial Release Therapist
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Dr. Sarai Susanne Stuart, PhD ND
Holistic Doctor / Nutritionist
Wellness Health Intuitive

Primary Focus:

Cancer / Immune Deficiency
Digestive and Elimination
Cancer alternative health options
Heart Disease prevent / reverse
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Colon HydroTherapy
MyoFascial Relief Therapy
Cellular Memory
Transformational Therapy
Massage Therapy - pain, stress,
sports or relaxation
Solar Nutrition & Health
Healthy Weight Loss
Mineral Imbalances
Metal Toxicity
Blood Rh factor typing

Dr. Sarai Susanne Stuart provides intuitive Life Coaching and assists you in focusing and achieving your goals and overcome obstacles.
There are 46,358,968,720 different body types? We can work together and help you improve your health plus feel great.

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