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Intracellular Hydration Is Key for Health
Simply drinking water is not typically the most effective strategy to hydrate your cells. Mostly, the water you drink will simply be urinated out before it has a chance to get into your cells. So, without proper intracellular hydration, your health suffers.

Chronic inflammation is the accumulation of oxidative compounds within our cells and then, ultimately, within the bloodstream. This is largely the result of a lack of interaction of hydrogen that's within the water system. Water is one of the main carriers of hydrogen.

Your cells run on ATP, adenosine triphosphate. ATP is produced by the mitochondria, which look like bacteria, and they live inside your cells. The mitochondria removes sugar and fat out of your food system and turn that into ATP. They do that through a series of enzymes. The respiratory chain is a series of enzymes in the wall of the mitochondria that result in the production of ATP for a healthier you.

Most people are seriously dehydrated in a cellular level.

Improving Hydration Does Not Require Drinking More Water

When we're talking about hydration, it's not a matter of just drinking water, because you're likely to just pee the extra water out if you don't have a sufficiently high electrical charge.

Taking terrahydrite humic compounds helps support your macromembranes, allowing for greater intracellular hydration. It also works on the mitochondria to ramp up the reactive oxygen species production in damaged cells, which takes the stress off healthy cells. All of that helps shift the electrical potential of your mitochondria to increase the electrical charge, which allows more water to enter the cells.

In a dehydrated state, you end up accumulating toxins due to a lack of electrical energy flow.

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