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Digestive Disorders are terribly uncomfortable and continue to increase harmful effects to your internal organs.

Did you know there are a mnimum of 128 different body types? Overcome Your health issues by focusing on your body's needs.
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Antacids are harmful

1. They aggravate the Stomach.
2. The contain high levels of aluminum which depletes the memory and contributes to Alzheimer's disease.
3. Pure organic apple cider vinegar is acceptabel for acid indigestion.
4. Herbs: CATNIP or for healing and bowel support and strengthening plus reduces gas BOWEL SUPPORT herbal remedy

Consumption of Healthy Foods in the correct Combination designed specifically for your body's needs is your BEST to rid digestive distress . According to Dr. Stuart's Audio and Book Combo - NUTRITION FOR YOUR BODY MIND & SPIRIT, when you adhere to even some of the healthy and weight loss situations the elimination problems are reduced and even eliminated. PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE ON SITE OR BY PHONE.

other foods while for the remaining fruits require thirty minutes - see Nutrition Book for details and lists.
especially carbonated beverages.
Eat the foods most beneficial for YOUR body type, gland type and blood type.

While you are adjusting to your new eating regime you may desire to consider taking high potency Multi Enzymes High Potency - by Natural Factors.

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