Dr. Sarai Susann Stuart CHT PhD ND
Naturopath Doc & Holistic Nutritionist
Arlington, TX 76012
DFW Texas areas

12 NATURE'S ANTIBIOTICS to Survive Infections

Foods and herbs that help us guard against infection and disease on a daily basis...

* Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) manage weight, lower cholesterol and reduce risk of developing some cancers.

* Cabbage, Kale & Broccoli (organic) ideally raw or steamed, cooked below 117 degrees.

* Echinacea (organic) ideal source tincture or extract.

* Fermented Foods - i.e. Kim Chi (organic) unpasteurized cabbage and greens, unsweetened plain kefir and yogurt.

* Garlic (organic) raw or cooked at low heat less than 117 degrees.

* Grapefruit seed extract liquid form best: tincture or extract.

* Honey best (preferably Manuka Honey a high potency) used topically for wounds and infections.

* Oregano and oil of oregano (organic) raw or cooked at low heat less than 117 degrees and orally as extract or tincture.

* Silver - shaved tiny particles "Colloidal Silver" Not to be used long term - ONLY short term 3-14 days.

* Turmeric (organic) best when fresh and used as compress with honey or orally as tincture.

* Virgin coconut oil (organic) best for topical use for infections and wounds.

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