Premenstrual syndrome is generally a result of a physiological mineral imbalance within the body. Like pregnancy, the woman endures a chemical transformation. More IRON and CALCIUM is utilized in preparation and during menstruation. If the woman happens to be already deficient or consuming foods that contributes to her deficiency she will in fact be affected by many symptoms of PMS. Diet can be the key factor in preventing PMS.

Vegetarian diet offers the greatest advantages.

* Plenty of low fat protein from vegetable sources: whole grains, legumes, soy foods, sprouts, seafood, sea vegetables, and a protein drink - Spirutein each morning.
* Keep the diet low in fats, salt and sugar. High in greens and whole grains. Eat cultured foods- kefir, yoghurt, etc. preferably organic for the flora.
* Supplementing the body's essential fatty acid supply through dietary means such as ocean fish, sea foods and vegetables, olive, saflower or sunflower oil (cold pressed) or herbs such as EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, WILD ALASKAN SALMON OIL and flaxseed oils, helps to balance prostaglandin.
* Excess saturated fats in the body esp. from fatty animal foods; inhibit both prostaglandin and proper hormone flow.
* Avoid caffeine, caffeine containing foods and beverages, red meats, sugars and saturated fat animal products. Eliminate dairy products during PMS days.
* Avoid all colored carbonated beverages diet or sugar "type", they deplete you of Calcium.
* Drink bottled water - reverse osmosis or distilled, herbal teas and veggie and fruit juices.
* Stop smoking and avoid secondary smoke. Nicotine inhibits good hormone function.
* Get plenty of fresh air and exercise; take a brisk walk each day.

* Using a high potency Natural Progesterone Cream assists with balancing hormones or use "F-Tonic herbal combination
Additional benefits:

* Apply high potency natural progesterone cream daily; use a dosage based on age and health situations (contact NBH for details.)
* Calcium, and calcium rich foods.
* Iron a few days prior and during menses, or iron rich foods and juices, remember much blood will be lost.
* B complex vitamin, esp. B6(200 gm) B 12 (2500 mcg)
* Vitamin C with bioflavonoids and rutin and bromelain (500 mg) 2X daily.
* Iodine therapy for health of the thyroid gland and estrogen levels are controlled by thyroid hormones. If the thyroid does not receive enough iodine, insufficient thyroxin is produced and too much estrogen builds up. For best results take with Vitamin E.
* EVENING PRIMROSE OIL 4-6 daily during first month then 4 daily the second month.
Herbal Remedies
* GINGER ROOT compress over pelvic area.
* DLPA or PASSION FLOWER for moods

* Ice packs to pelvic area, heat may at first be soothing but will actually aggravate it.
* Massage to allow body energy and adequate blood circulation.

There are numerous Homeopathic remedies for specific PMS ailments visit the Homeopathic Catalogue page.

Prostaglandin imbalance; estrogen excess or imbalance of liver malfunction (alcohol, toxins, milk); glandular insufficiency ( esp. the thyroid); lack of regular exercise; poor diet with lack of B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, protein deficiencies; endometriosis; poor circulation; too much salt, red meat, sugar and caffeine and emotional tension.

PMS can potentially indicate too much estrogen or low progesterone. Use the correct dosage and potency for your age and health. NATURAL PROGESTERONE
Menstruation is a natural part of our lives. PMS is not. Women CAN take control of PMS naturally and effectively.

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