Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food. There are 46,358,968,720 different body types, so why is everyone treated similarly?
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FOOD SUGGESTIONS and SOLUTIONSSimple and terrific ideas for storing, preparing and using fesh foods.

SOLAR NUTRITION - Time-controlled eating plan, can regulate weight, increase brain power, improve health, and rejuvenate the mind and body. Following nature's cycles (knowing WHEN to eat WHAT) resets the 24 hour biological clock for high-level wellness.

Complete details in Nutrition For Your Body Mind & Spirit (10 hour+ audio and detailed book combination program)available online.

RECIPE VARIETIES - Unique and healthy nutritional food combinations to improve your health mentally, emotionally and physically.

RAW FOODS - For a healthier lifstyle, longevity and improvement from disease and more raw. Fermented Foods are the World's healthiest choice. Raw foods sustain life. Live enzymes feed the body, mind and spirit.

HEALING FORMULAS - Flushes and healing remedies for some health issues.

HEALTHY BEVERAGES and JUICING - Protein Drinks, Vegetable Juicing and a variety of nutritional drinks to enhance your health.

"Fun Foods" and recipe alterations...
If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail and we shall attempt to offer suggestions for healthy food preparation or alteration.

Example 1 - Omit margerine (harmful to the health) and reduce or omit butter and use clarified butter - GHEE. Ghee does not contain any harmful cholesterol; this may be purchased in either an health food store or Eastern India Market.

Example 2 - Omit ALL sugars (refined, white, brown, "raw", turbindo including rice syrup, barely malt, corn syrup (is an inflammatory agent and may cause numerous health imbalances), molasses and honey, except raw honey. which is best purchased and stored in glass.

Cresh Stevia or ground Dates -known as date sugar. Stevia is a naturally sweet herb that you can grow at home or may purchase at a health food store.

Honey is processed by the bees, natural occuring preservatives and it becomes deficient in vitamins and minerals when cooked.
Raw Honey is the healthiest.
Honey can cause very quick changes in blood pressure that can be quite serious and negatively effect pancreas and spleen and blood sugar levels. Honey also quickly converts to fat.

Molasses is uncrystalized sugar that is produced in the process of refining sugar and also has negative effects on your health.


YACON - a tuber from Peru sna converted into a thick syrup that is one-third the calories of Agave and one-half the sugar. Also, Yacon is beneficial for a Diabetic.

AGAVE- derived from the cactus plant agave.

STEVIA- is a naturally sweet herb that you can grow at home or may purchase at a health food store. Stevia ia a green leafy plant much like any other herb. Stevia can be purchased in powder or liquid from Health Food Markets.

MAPLE SYRUP - Pure organic grade B. Contains high content of minerals and vitamins.

DATES- known as date sugar, which can be convertd in recipes using sugar.


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