The swelling may NOT be your Stomach organ; instead, your Belly area. The Belly, also known as abdominal region, is the specific location for your intestines.

Is the Belly area somewhat hard, bloated and perhaps a little painful?

Yes? Then the problem is possibly unhealthy irregular bowel movements.

If you are not eliminating feces following every meal, as our human body is designed, then you are constipated.

Healthy Bowel Movement is -

One long piece approximately 12-18 inches completely connected without any breaks or pieces, one to One and one-half inches in diameter, light golden brown in color, always odorless and floats in the basin. Any exception to this description indicates unhealthy bowels - impacted feces in large intestines.

We Can Help You with these...


* Personal consultation to reverse the health issue.

* Colon Hydrotherapy Irrigation Cleansing with Personal D&E to reverse problem.

* Colonic - water immersed into lower bowels - descending colon.

* Colon Cleansing & Parasite Elimination.

* Eliminate the Six worst harmful foods to the intestines plus other organs i.e. popcorn.

* Omit the Five foods not designed for healthy human consumption i.e. dairy.

* At home techniques for better bowel movement.

* Best nutritional guidance for you to achieve your goals.

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